Rangely Community Medical Health & Wellness Center Departments

The Rangely Hospital District is dedicated to providing primary and emergency healthcare services for the residents and visitors of Northwestern Colorado.

We will provide high-quality services in a personable and accommodating manner, focusing on accurate diagnosis, education, and compassionate care while respecting the rights of those we serve.

We will provide healthcare in a supportive team environment; encourage personal and professional growth of employees; and be known as a recognized leader in patient centered healthcare.

"Our Mission is Your Health"


Board of Directors
Kyle Wren CEO
Jodi Dillon 675-4225


Michelle Phelps 675-4223


(CFO) - Jim Dillon 675-4253
Accounting Manager - Maxine Stewart 675-4274
Payroll - Barbara Urbanik 675-4221
Accounts Payable - Teresa Cady 675-4266

Ambulance / EMS

Manager - Shanna Kinney 675-4218

Assisted Living

Manager - Stacey Shriver 675-4298
Asst. Living Kitchen 675-4297
Companion Office 675-4299

Business Office

Jodi Dillon 675-4248
Switchboard - Switchboard 675-5011
Fax: 675-5224

Cardio / Pulmonary

Manager - Paul Lewis
Henry Morgan - RT
Fax 675-4235

Family Medicine

Manager - Tammy Dunker 675-4262
Clinic Coordinator - Gina Lewis
Admissions Clerks - 675-2237


Kenneth K. Myers, DDS


Manager - Vicky Reeves

Home Health

Manager - Ronda Worrall 675-4231


Manager - Ray Benavidez

Information Technology

Director - Daniel Moran 675-5011


Manager - Debbie Smith 675-4226


Manager - Dave Karschner 675-5011

Medical Records

Manager - Lois Pittman 675-4233
Toni Dembowski/Nita Henson 675-4268
Fax 675-4273


Director - Paulo Fernandez
Nursing Dept. Assistant - Stacy Martin 675-4271

Physical Therapy

Manager - Luke Geer 675-4205
PT Office Manager - Jelene Mann
Fax 675-4270


Aleesha Stewart


Manager - Nancy Droste
Radiology 675-4275
Fax 675-2163