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Kelsey Riggio

Position: PA, Family Medicine
Mailing Address:
Rangely Family Medicine 225 Eagle Crest Drive Rangely, CO 81648
Kelsey Riggio, PA

It was during my clinical rotations in rural towns outside of Raleigh where I developed a passion for rural medicine. My training focuses on primary care, from pediatrics to geriatrics, as well as acute care, such as surgery and emergency medicine.

It is my pleasure to come to Rangely and get to use all of my skills in one place. My education and training have taught me that the best medical care is given by providers who have a team mentality. We are all trained in our own fields, but knowing our limits and communicating with the team is the best way to facilitate the proper care. Being in a rural setting, I also understand the need to keep treatment close to home, as often as we can. With conservative treat and a strong team, I believe this is possible at RDH.

My husband, my dog Riggs, and I are all very excited to be here. Rangley is our perfect place to call home.



  • Bachelors of Health Science University of Florida
  • Masters of Physician Assistant Practice



Rangely District Hospital
225 Eagle Crest Drive
Rangely, CO 81648

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