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Environmental Services (Housekeeping/Laundry Staff)

Rangely District Hospital has immediate openings on the Environmental Services Team for healthcare specific Janitorial, Housekeeping and Laundry Staff.


Performs a variety of general cleaning tasks to maintain patient rooms, offices, clinic, hallways and other assigned areas of the hospital or hospital owned buildings.  Collects soiled laundry, sorts and weighs, washes and dries according to established policies, procedures, and instructions for machine operation.


  • Maintains established departmental policies and procedures, objectives, quality assurance program, safety, environmental and infection control standards.
  • Follows proper procedures when handling cleaning agents and operating equipment.
  • Dusts furniture, woodwork, equipment and mops floors.  Polishes and cleans fixtures in utility rooms and bathrooms.
  • Operates mechanical floor cleaners, polishers and vacuums.
  • Wet mops rooms, halls, stairways and public areas.
  • Shampoos rugs and furniture.  Cleans vents, fans and other equipment using vacuum machines.
  • Cleans fixtures, tops or windows, door frames and high areas using a ladder.
  • Gathers and disposes of trash and waste materials.
  • Moves furniture and other heavy objects as required.
  • Buffs, strips, waxes, and polishes floors.
  • Performs terminal cleaning procedures of patient rooms and prepares room for new occupant; follows isolation procedures in isolation rooms.
  • Cleans and disinfects all fixtures, floors, mirrors, windows, doors, and walls of bathrooms.
  • Stocks supply cart daily.
  • Receives/collects soiled laundry from various areas of the hospital.  Sorts laundry according to type and condition and weight, and records weight.  Records total weight of wash processed daily for each hospital department.
  • Washes and dries laundry considering isolation, contamination, water levels, etc.
  • Inspects wash at various stages of processing for cleanliness.  Ensures washing and rinsing procedures effect a clean and sanitary wash.
  • Observes operation of machines.  Reports malfunctioning to supervisor.  Assists in maintaining laundry facilities, equipment and supplies.
  • Participates in educational programs and inservice meetings.
  • Attends meetings as required.
  • Must maintain strict patient confidentiality.
  • Observes hospital’s compliance requirements and does not create an issue of fraud and abuse for the hospital
  • Complies with all established hospital policies and procedures.
  •  Projects a positive image of the hospital through dealings with the public, patients, venders, and fellow employees by acting in a professional manner at all times.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.



Paid on-the-job training is provided!

High School diploma or equivalent preferred but not required.

Physical demands:

  • Heavy physical effort (lift/carry up to 50 lbs.)
  •  Prolonged, extensive, or considerable standing/walking.
  • Considerable reaching, stooping, bending, kneeling, crouching.

Working conditions:

  • Exposure to hazards from electrical/mechanical/power equipment.
  • Possible exposure to bloodborne diseases and other patient elements.
  • Exposure to cleaning chemicals and other hazardous materials.
  • Works in precarious locations, i.e. ladders, washing windows, etc.
  • Occasionally will be called back to perform housekeeping duties during non-scheduled times.

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